Adult Protective Service Worker

  • Receive reports of alleged abuse or neglect as processed within service guidelines and respond to report within required timelines (ongoing).
  • Complete an assessment for each individual, generally through a home visit, using the approved assessment tool (ongoing).
  • Provide case management and counseling for the purposes of planning and providing social and other services needed by vulnerable adults (ongoing).
  • Monitor the delivery of services through scheduled follow-up (ongoing).
  • Provide backup service to other geographical areas in the absence of other Vulnerable Adult Protective staff (ongoing).
  • Compile and maintain case files, submit data reports in the required format in timelines established by the Aging Services Division in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Complete all documentation and enter information in computerized record system within assigned time frame.
  • Continue to work to complete documentation in a timelier fashion as evidenced by a four week or less time frame from the occurrence of the service to the time in which it is inputted.
  • Arrange for, coordinate and collaborate with other agencies for the provision of essential services as applicable; to include, but not limited to linking services, education and technical assistance (ongoing).
  • Comply with confidentiality requirements for all records and data (ongoing).  
  • Consult and coordinate with collateral entities (law enforcement, courts of jurisdiction, legal, medical, family, neighbors, other State agencies, etc.) as needed and appropriate (ongoing).
  • Respond to requests for information and education within two working days (ongoing).
  • Coordinate or conduct training or educational activities and community outreach for stakeholders, the general public or individuals involved in serving victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation (at least one quarterly).
  • Actively participate in educational activities for professional growth, staff and/or team meetings or other activities as assigned to promote VAPS and provide input for program development, policies and procedures (ongoing; at least one time per year).